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This One in Every Color blog has done me well for quite some time now, but I now find myself not only getting tired of the layout, but also the name and general look. Instead of finding a way to alter and change this, I've decided to just create a brand new blog. So, if you have liked what you have been reading here, then get yourself over to Grey Buzz and follow me there! Content won't be all that different, but I just was looking for a brand new look and feel for my blog. Hope you all enjoy!


Barbie. That B*tch has everything!

Upon seeing this Louboutin for Barbie shoe collection, I was so tempted to hunt down my old toy boxes and get my Barbie's ready for these shoes. I took me a little over a few minutes to talk myself out of it, but still, these miniature shoes are drool-worthly in my books.
*Image from Chicks with Guns blog

Love Her Style - Harley Viera-Newton

If you've been keeping up with the buzz around fashion week, I'm sure you've seen her face more than once. Harley Viera-Newton is definately is one of my major fashion icons. Her style is very laid back and Cali cool.  DJ for all the greatest parties, Harley is constantly having to pull out going out outfits, ands she does it perfectly. Hope you like her style as much as I do!

**Images from Refinery 29 and another source I cannot remember. If you know where the second image is from, please let me know!


F**K the Clock.

Ever since seeing a few pieces of Sophmore's clothes in a very old issue of Nylon, I feel in love with the brand. Their clothes are soft, wearable and seem to be in every "It Girls" closet. Their "Local Only!" shirt is the one that  made me fall in love with them. I have been holding out for it for so long and am glad to see it has made a comeback in their new collection. The collection was put up on their website today, and already, my Christmas list has been lengthened by a couple pages.
Shop their collection at: Sophomore NYC
**Images from Sophomore NYC, collaged together by Picasa


A Public Affair

Oh how I wish I could have been here! Looking at pictures of the Alexander Wang afterpart looked absolutely amazing. Not to mention how beautiful his runway show and collection was. The man really has a knack for doing it up good and proper.
**Images from Mr.Newton

Chanel SoHo

I'm sure you have seen these photos everywhere, but what is seeing them once more. I love these photos and I love the way the girls are dressed. The pictures from the event certainly leave me feeling
quite envious!
**Images from The Cobrasnake and Studded Hearts


before he speak his suit bespoke

While checking my e-mail this morning, I found byfar the most exciting one from Madewell. The Alexa Chung for Madewell line is now available for online shopping and will be in stores on Saturday! The three images posted above are my favorite pieces from her collection. It's a great partnership and I hope we haven't seen the last of Alexa at Madewell.
**Images from Madewell.com


island in the sun

I'm not departing for a family trip to Europe! I'm very excited and finally all packed up! Do expect a three week hiatus as I only have my iPad with me and have no way of uploading my photos on it. This morning was spent getting mani pedi's with my sister, afternoon was spent getting every last thing I could remember into my suitcase, and in an hour I hope on board our eight hour flight...


Hermes - I Love My Scarf

The things one can do with a silk scarf. You can hide a bad hair day, disguise yourself when you don't feel like being seen, or give your handbag a different look. They are a celeb go to and a must-have for any girls closet. Hermes while being iconic for their Birkin bag, are also makers of some of the finest scarves to be found. While an Hermes scarf is not really in many of our price ranges, the brand did do something that we can all enjoy. They created the wonderful website "I love my scarf." Based in four different countries, the site shows different ways different people use their scarves and a small how-to for most of the styles. Check it out for yourself and wait for your next bad hair day to try some of the styles out.


free hugs

I want all of their t-shirts and sweaters. After watching AND reading True Blood, I need the "My boyfriend is a vampire" shirt. Their blog is also one of my favorites.  

only 50 cents

September issues are the issues to trump all other issues. Magazines fill them with all the best and pages upon pages of ads are added to make the issues some of the thickest issues of the year. The Olsen twins both landed covers this September. Mary-Kate is the cover of Marie Claire, which has four different versions of the cover; while Ashley landed the largest Canadian fashion magazine, Fashion. Both girls looks stunning and are there to promote their bigger fashion lines The Row and Elizabeth and James. Ashely's Fashion article even has a contest within it to win a $5000 wardrobe by E&J from Holt Renfrew. I bought both issues and devoured the girls articles in minutes. They both have such distinct styles and the fact that they both were interviewed separately for each magazine, shows how different the two really are.
Two of my favorite Olsen Twin style sites are: Olsens Anon., MKO.
*Images from Marie Claire google images and Fashion google images



Urban Outfitters recently released their Fall 2010 Accessories lookbook. It has me wanting all the rings and necklaces they have in their collection.
*Images from Refinery 29

hello world, i'm your wild girl

While spending my Sunday lounging in bed and reading magazines, I came across The Runaways playing on my MOD. I admit that I am not Kristen Stewarts #1 fan, but I was curious enough to pay the $5.99 rental price for the movie. Within the first 10 minutes I was absolutely enamoured with the fashion. I loved everything Dakota Fanning's character had on and found myself longing for a red jumpsuit and wooden platform heels. Even K.Stew's DIY'd "sex pistols" shirt had me reaching for an old t-shirt and some spray paint. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it for those who love vintage inspired film, good old teenage girl angst, rock and roll, and seventies fashion.
For those who are K.Stew fashion fans, check out this blog: Kristen Stewart Fashion
For those who are Dakota Fanning fashion fans, check out: F**k Yeah, Dakota Fanning 


our last summer

So September issues are starting to hit the stands and we are able to get our hands on the biggest books of the year. While I should be excited for these glossies to be finally on the shelves, I can't help but get a little sad, as most of them exclaim on the covers: "Fall Fashion!" and "New Trends for Fall!". This summer has just flown right by me and I just cannot stand the thought of being so close to facing another winter! It feels like only yesturday we were planning our outfits for music festivals and summer BBQs. As I read these September magazines, I just cannot get it into my head that the fall will be here in a matter of weeks and we must soon retire our bikini's and flip flops for cordrouys and Ugg boots.


Why have we grown apart

I'm all for child stars growing up and getting style sense and personalities that don't always go with the image their parents/agents were trying to create, but dear Ms.Momsen has taken things to a whole other level. I normally only like to write about the beauty of fashion, etc. but Taylor's style needs to be addressed. I love a good "heroin chic" look, but Taylor seems to have gone to an extreme and landed herself with the look of "40year old washed up prostitute". Excuse my harsh words, but I was taken a bit abak when I found out Taylor was the face of Madonna's Material Girl for Macy's line. Would you really want your daughter looking like she threw coal on her eyes to hide two black eyes and has been around the block? I don't think so.
*Images from The Superficial & Drunken Stepfather

Qui qu'a qui qu'a vu Coco?

The past evening, I had absolutely nothing to do, so I began to scroll through my movie channels. While scrolling, I came across the Coco Chanel dramatized bio-pic, Coco Avant Chanel. For lack of anything better to do, I watched the French subtitled film and loved it. While most critics gave it poor reviews, I genuinely loved this film and Audrey Tatou playing Chanel. The costumes, obviously, were beautiful and Tatou played Chanel so gracefully. It made me want to wear my Breton stripes and pearls all day long, while speaking French with a cigarette perpetually attached to my lips.
*Image from Counterfeit Couture.com


two step, two step

Okay, I will be the first to admit that my newest layot is really a down-grade from the last. But bear with me, as I have already gone to JDK productions to ask for major help in getting a better looking layout and they are in the process of doing so.
However, this weekend was spent in Montreal, which is quite a fashionable city. I didn't realize it until I was there in person seeing first hand the ensembles put together by the city's people for simple tasks like grocery shopping or meeting a friend for coffee. I loved it and was able to wear some of my new clothes and really dress up for such mundane days out.


summer breeze makes me feel fine

I can always depend on The Gap when I am in need of a basic pair of jeans or a couple tank tops. On the off-chance though, while browsing through the store, I will come upon a piece that stays in my closet for years to come that I consider a "go-to" piece. While reading Refinery 29 yesturday afternoon, I read about this little treasure by the Gap called "The Moto Knit Blazer". I consider it a perfect summer to fall transition piece and cannot wait to hit the stores and make it mine. I'm not sure if it comes in more colors, but I kind of like the bright pop of yellow. Paired with a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats, it is the cutest topper for casual days around town. And, it comes at the very affordable price range of $69.99.

*Image from Refinery 29


i wear my sunglasses at night

Once again, the Olsen twins prove to the fashion world just how good they are. Coming this fall we can expect to see The Row x Linda Farrow sunglasses hitting the shelves of select stores. The sunglasses are most definately styles you would see on the girls themselves and different than a lot of the styles out right now. Expect me to be in the shops the moment they are put on the shelves so I can protect my eyes as fashionably as possible.
*Image from Refinery 29
"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting." - Christian Dior

Okay, so call me tacky for using a Dior quote for a Prada post, but I saw it this morning and thought it applied. I just bought this Prada perfume last week and am trying it out. I'm not sure if I'm ready to change up my signature scent just yet, but I am going to give this one a try. It smells so fresh and clean. It's a perfect spring/summer scent.


oh baby i feel so down

Friday night I came home from work, played the Strokes and chilled in my room. The whole setting, just made me want to jump up and go out to a dive bar with some friends, so this outfit was thrown on and out we went to a grimy bar. It was the perfect way to finish off a mediocre week.


excuse me, would it be possible to have your life?

So I am extremely lazy and have been holding these pictures on my hardrive for a while. They are from Vogue UKs blog by Olivia Palermo. These are "travel" pictures. I wish I was allowed to bring this many shoes when I travel! Already, I'm freaking out about a trip in mid-August because I have no way of bringing as many shoes as I needs. I think the airline industry is just being awful by cutting down baggage limits to one bag per person.
Back to Olivia though, I love these photos and hope to see more of her on Vogue UKs site. They seem to really like her!

please allow me to introduce myself

I met the man! The 2nd floor of Holt Renfrew, Bloor St. was completely taken over by Toronto's most fashionable all hoping for the chance to take a picture with the 26 year old man who keeps us drooling season after season. A whole area of the 2nd floor had been converted into a palace of Wang with racks upon racks of his newest pieces and displays of some of the most beautiful handbags, shoes and sunglasses. Alexander was extremely friendly and introduced himself to me with a "Hi, I'm Alex!". I wanted to scream back in his face "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!", but thankfully, I was able to restrain myself and simply just give him my name and tell him how beautiful his work was. We took a picture together and he gave me a note card signed with his name. Two things that will be treasured forever, alongside his Rocco, Brenda and Donna handbags.

Sterling Cooper Draper Price

It's baaaack! Brace yourselves dear readers, as the return of MadMen is fast approaching. This Sunday on AMC, the Emmy award winning show is back to keep as all in shock and awe of the attitudes and styles of the times. The fashion in the show is going to be amazing, as it always is, possibly even inspiring a few more designer collections and everyday looks of people on the street. I am so looking forward to this Season 4 and have cleared my schedule so I can coiff my hair, pour myself a glass of whisky, sit back, and enjoy the show.


To say this man is brilliant, would be an understatement. His clothes are beautifully made and on top of all trends. He had as all braiding our hair at the start of the summer and look to dressing in sportwear and jersey. Today, the CFDA award winning designer will be stopping in at Holt Renfrew, Bloor st. in Toronto. The event is taking place in 1 hr,and I just cannot contain myself and my excitement. I'm a huge fan and really hoping to meet him. I will post more on how the event went!


drama doesn't follow me, it rides on my back

So are backpacks cool again? I remember when they were very in fashion in the 90s and I remember when they fell out of fashion in the early 00s. I also remember thinking they were one thing that would never come back in style so it was okay for me to give away all of mine to Goodwill. Unfortunately for me, they came back. With designers like Alexander Wang making newer versions of the backpack, I've been seeing them on so many fashion forward people. I think it is safe to say that they are back, but I'm not sure if I will be running out to buy them all over again. For the sake of my wallet, I think I will sit this trend out.
*Image from the Cobrasnake


fading like a flower

After spending my summer days enjoying the beautiful sunshine, my blue streaks in my hair are slowly fading. It's so sad to see them go, but as they say, "all good things must come to an end'. I am already thinking of colors to put in next.