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This One in Every Color blog has done me well for quite some time now, but I now find myself not only getting tired of the layout, but also the name and general look. Instead of finding a way to alter and change this, I've decided to just create a brand new blog. So, if you have liked what you have been reading here, then get yourself over to Grey Buzz and follow me there! Content won't be all that different, but I just was looking for a brand new look and feel for my blog. Hope you all enjoy!


Barbie. That B*tch has everything!

Upon seeing this Louboutin for Barbie shoe collection, I was so tempted to hunt down my old toy boxes and get my Barbie's ready for these shoes. I took me a little over a few minutes to talk myself out of it, but still, these miniature shoes are drool-worthly in my books.
*Image from Chicks with Guns blog

Love Her Style - Harley Viera-Newton

If you've been keeping up with the buzz around fashion week, I'm sure you've seen her face more than once. Harley Viera-Newton is definately is one of my major fashion icons. Her style is very laid back and Cali cool.  DJ for all the greatest parties, Harley is constantly having to pull out going out outfits, ands she does it perfectly. Hope you like her style as much as I do!

**Images from Refinery 29 and another source I cannot remember. If you know where the second image is from, please let me know!


F**K the Clock.

Ever since seeing a few pieces of Sophmore's clothes in a very old issue of Nylon, I feel in love with the brand. Their clothes are soft, wearable and seem to be in every "It Girls" closet. Their "Local Only!" shirt is the one that  made me fall in love with them. I have been holding out for it for so long and am glad to see it has made a comeback in their new collection. The collection was put up on their website today, and already, my Christmas list has been lengthened by a couple pages.
Shop their collection at: Sophomore NYC
**Images from Sophomore NYC, collaged together by Picasa


A Public Affair

Oh how I wish I could have been here! Looking at pictures of the Alexander Wang afterpart looked absolutely amazing. Not to mention how beautiful his runway show and collection was. The man really has a knack for doing it up good and proper.
**Images from Mr.Newton

Chanel SoHo

I'm sure you have seen these photos everywhere, but what is seeing them once more. I love these photos and I love the way the girls are dressed. The pictures from the event certainly leave me feeling
quite envious!
**Images from The Cobrasnake and Studded Hearts


before he speak his suit bespoke

While checking my e-mail this morning, I found byfar the most exciting one from Madewell. The Alexa Chung for Madewell line is now available for online shopping and will be in stores on Saturday! The three images posted above are my favorite pieces from her collection. It's a great partnership and I hope we haven't seen the last of Alexa at Madewell.
**Images from Madewell.com