Words cannot express how much I love Target! the prices there are just amazing and their designer collaborations are great. When I was in California, I came across some leftover stands of Rodarte, but they only had some tulle skirts left, but such pieces would not really fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. After not finding anything in the Women's section of the store, I moved on to the Men's, where I found these T-shirts. Each was $10.00 and so hard to pass up! They are the perfect fit and they had such a great selection!

Also, some great news: I finally got my photos from my broken laptop and will be blogging heavily for the next week or so!


Hand Luggage

As you might already know, last week I was in Sunny California. Well I'm back now and have a lot to say. Unfortunately, Tuesday (the DAY after I got home) my laptop broke and has to be sent in for repairs. Of course, thanks to my luck, it only went down after I uploaded and deleted all my California pictures off my camera. It has been absolutely horrifying and I honestly cannot remember what I used to do for fun before my laptop. In any case, during my flight to California, I read Kelly Cutrone's new book: "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside". At first, when buying it, I was a little put off by the fact that it was in the Business and Self-Help section rather than the Fashion and Lifestyle. But in the store I read just the introduction and knew it was something I absolutely had to purchase. I read the whole thing on my 6 hour flight and have read and re-read it over and over again. It's well written and feels as though she is giving you pointers and advice from her life over a cup of coffee. I strongly suggest this book to anyone and everyone! Also, it makes you like her more when you watch her Bravo show: Kell on Earth. You kind of get why she has to be a bitch sometimes to her employees.

The tittle of this post is "hand luggage", because I find that when planning a trip, I feel like I want to bring anything and everything with me on the plane, but here is a narrowed down list of things I actually bring in my carry on:
Evian Face Mist
Cell Phone
Kleenex travel packs
Book and/or Magazines
A Pashmina or long scarf
Before, I used to just carry everything in a Juicy Couture bag I used during school, but recently found a great L.A.M.B bag that is so travel friendly. It is large, with an open mouth, hangs over your shoulder easily and is made of a strong resilient fabric that doesn't get dirty when you have to put in under the chair on the plane. I'll post pictures of it later on!


I think there are similarities.

So I know that to most, the above pictures look not at all alike, but when I purchased the recent issue of Harper's Bazaar featuring Miss Moss, I couldn't help but feel that it did bare an uncanny resemblance to their older cover featuring Lindsay Lohan. Ofcourse, Kate Moss has a face that stands apart from the rest, I am a little bit disappointed that Bazaar didn't look for a different pose or even haircolor for her so that the covers didn't look so similar.

I am still in Los Angelas and will be back home only on Monday, so my regular posts will resume then. While I have been here, I have taken some great photos and have tried to photograph some "street style" looks. Yesturday, I was at the South Coast Plaza which is a mall to trump all malls. Forget your regular department stores, this mall is home to stores like Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Tory Burch, Barney's Coop, and many more. I was especially excited to see that the New York Based Henri Bendals opened up a store in the mall. The staff there was great and quite helpful.

*The photos are from justjared.com and google images.


Right back where we started from

Tomorrow morning I am off to sunny California! I am really looking forward to this trip and being able to plan an outfit without having to consider outerwear. Expect to see clothing posts as soon as I get back because LA is possibly one of the most fun places to shop (other than the obvious New York, Paris, etc.). For the flight I'm bringing Kelly Cutrone's new book "If you have to cry, go outside", and I am so excited to start reading it. I just love her straight, to the point, way of talking.

It's actually going to be quite weird not writing here for a whole week because I am so used to doing something at least once in the week! I find this is the perfect activity for when I'm bored, and just the other day, I got excited after buying a new top because I couldn't wait to post a picture of it on here!

Be Back Soon! And Happy Valentine's Day!


Mirror Mirror...

Just a glimpse of my room! Today is yet another lazy day. To be honest, I am still in shock about the Alexander McQueen news. To take my mind off of it though, I am going out shopping soon and then going for dinner with my mother at Toronto's Holt Renfrew Cafe. Another great stop if you are in the city. The menu changes seasonally, but always you can expect great quality food, and if you are in the mood, you can also venture into the Holt Renfrew store and maybe look at some McQueen items before they are all gone.

Forgotten Treasures

The above picture is of a ring given from a great aunt of mine. I am absolutely obsessed with it and it has only left my finger for the photo. I think that now in times of recession, vintage options are definately a way to go. Because everything old is new again, going vintage is a great way to stay in fashion and within a budget. A favorite spot of mine in Toronto is a store calleed 69 Vintage on Queen St. If you are in town, definately stop by and see what they have.

R.I.P McQueen

Sometimes the pressure of genius can get to you...

*Picture is from an unknown source at the McQueen Spring 2010 Show.


Cash Money

As I've mentioned earlier, I have started a tumblr account to display some of my photography. Since I have received great response from it, I have decided to start selling some of my pieces. So, if you are interested in anything you see on this site or on my tumblr account (http://amillionwordsandsome.tumblr.com/) please contact me at nnl001@hotmail.com.

Also, for fellow bloggers who sell their new clothing designs or vintage pieces, how do you go about doing so?



This weekend was quite boring,but relaxing. I spent most of Sunday laying in my absolutely blissful bed and looking at a bunch of fashion blogs and tumblrs. I realized that this blog has become a little too stiff, so I plan on making it more playful. Expect some changes! I am hoping to be adding more fashion related news and perhaps I will show some of my favorite outfit compilations. I hope you all like the changes and if not, feel free to let me know! This week is going to be busy, and therefore there will be little to no posts for the week!

P.S. I recently just started a Tumblr myself! Check it out at: http://amillionwordsandsome.tumblr.com/