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As you might already know, last week I was in Sunny California. Well I'm back now and have a lot to say. Unfortunately, Tuesday (the DAY after I got home) my laptop broke and has to be sent in for repairs. Of course, thanks to my luck, it only went down after I uploaded and deleted all my California pictures off my camera. It has been absolutely horrifying and I honestly cannot remember what I used to do for fun before my laptop. In any case, during my flight to California, I read Kelly Cutrone's new book: "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside". At first, when buying it, I was a little put off by the fact that it was in the Business and Self-Help section rather than the Fashion and Lifestyle. But in the store I read just the introduction and knew it was something I absolutely had to purchase. I read the whole thing on my 6 hour flight and have read and re-read it over and over again. It's well written and feels as though she is giving you pointers and advice from her life over a cup of coffee. I strongly suggest this book to anyone and everyone! Also, it makes you like her more when you watch her Bravo show: Kell on Earth. You kind of get why she has to be a bitch sometimes to her employees.

The tittle of this post is "hand luggage", because I find that when planning a trip, I feel like I want to bring anything and everything with me on the plane, but here is a narrowed down list of things I actually bring in my carry on:
Evian Face Mist
Cell Phone
Kleenex travel packs
Book and/or Magazines
A Pashmina or long scarf
Before, I used to just carry everything in a Juicy Couture bag I used during school, but recently found a great L.A.M.B bag that is so travel friendly. It is large, with an open mouth, hangs over your shoulder easily and is made of a strong resilient fabric that doesn't get dirty when you have to put in under the chair on the plane. I'll post pictures of it later on!

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