Right back where we started from

Tomorrow morning I am off to sunny California! I am really looking forward to this trip and being able to plan an outfit without having to consider outerwear. Expect to see clothing posts as soon as I get back because LA is possibly one of the most fun places to shop (other than the obvious New York, Paris, etc.). For the flight I'm bringing Kelly Cutrone's new book "If you have to cry, go outside", and I am so excited to start reading it. I just love her straight, to the point, way of talking.

It's actually going to be quite weird not writing here for a whole week because I am so used to doing something at least once in the week! I find this is the perfect activity for when I'm bored, and just the other day, I got excited after buying a new top because I couldn't wait to post a picture of it on here!

Be Back Soon! And Happy Valentine's Day!

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