I think there are similarities.

So I know that to most, the above pictures look not at all alike, but when I purchased the recent issue of Harper's Bazaar featuring Miss Moss, I couldn't help but feel that it did bare an uncanny resemblance to their older cover featuring Lindsay Lohan. Ofcourse, Kate Moss has a face that stands apart from the rest, I am a little bit disappointed that Bazaar didn't look for a different pose or even haircolor for her so that the covers didn't look so similar.

I am still in Los Angelas and will be back home only on Monday, so my regular posts will resume then. While I have been here, I have taken some great photos and have tried to photograph some "street style" looks. Yesturday, I was at the South Coast Plaza which is a mall to trump all malls. Forget your regular department stores, this mall is home to stores like Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Tory Burch, Barney's Coop, and many more. I was especially excited to see that the New York Based Henri Bendals opened up a store in the mall. The staff there was great and quite helpful.

*The photos are from justjared.com and google images.

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