I'm really feeling Kate Moss' new gray hair look. Do you think it's something us normal civilians can pull off without looking absolutely ridiculous? I have a hair appointment soon and a little voice in my head is pulling me in the gray direction. Anyone have any comments on the matter?

Weekend D.I.Y

The other day, my sister was trying to find a cool way to display her jewelry. While scouring the internet, she found a really cool idea. Here is what she did to create this create piece of artwork and jewelry display:

1. Found an old frame
2. Painted it white
3. Took the hard backing of the frame and stapled a layer of batting to it
4. She then covered that with a scrap of fabric found around the house
5. Attached the batting to the frame
6. Put simple sewing pins into the fabric and hung random pieces of jewelry to it

The light was someting she found in the basement and it creates a cool rustic vibe to the area.


Hanging off my shoulder

Here are my favorite going out bags. The two leather ones on the end are souvenirs from around the worlds, and the others are Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, another travel purchase, Aldo and another Michael Kors. As you can most likely tell, the Michael Kors are my favorite because they are the perfect size to fit my Blackberry, camera and lip gloss.

Two things I can't live without

My Laurentian Chief moccasins are quite possibly my favorite possession. They are so wonderful after a long night out in heels. They are like a warm hug on aching feet. Another must-have possession of mine is my Blackberry. It is never off and is never far from my arm's reach.



Today has been a gloomy day around town and therefore, it has been a day where I absolutely dread the thought of going outside. Instead, I spent my day watching reruns, downloading music, online shopping, painting, and taking an extra long shower.

I generally like to experiment with different types of shampoos, body washes and lotions, but one brand that I always stay faithful to is Kheils. It has yet to let me down. The moisturizers work with every skin type and the body wash makes you feel fresh when you get out of the shower. I highly recommend it!

Grandfather Cardigan Times 100.

I am always in the lookout for comfy sweaters that keep me cozy and are not total crimes of fashion. I live for "vintage" looking sweaters and have been known to shop around the boys section for roomy ones. This Sunday, was a lottery winning Sunday because my grandfather decided to get rid of some of his old clothes. He gave my sister and I ahhmazing sweaters that have the right amount of "lived-in" and fit perfectly. I already have outfits planned for most of them. The outfits basically follow the same layout of Joe's Denim Leggings(in black) and the sweaters. Very easy to put together, and very easy for just about anyone to do.


Take a picture. It'll last longer.

Yesturday, my mom took out a camera bag of hers from her younger days. It turns out my mom was actually quite into photography and had just about every accessory possible to go with her old camera.

Photography seems to be something that may run in our blood. All pictures on this blog, unless otherwise stated, are taken by me. It is quite a pleasure to share all my photo's with you!

Fit to a Tee

The T-shirt used to be worn by military men and farm boys, and was most commonly worn as an undergarment. It was only after Marlon Brando wore a t-shirt in "A Street Car Named Desire" that the t-shirt became fashionable to wear on the outside.

If there is one thing that should be a "basic" in everyone's closet, it should be a t-shirt, and it is more than likely that 100% of people have at least one in their possesion. I wear them for almost anything and everything- going to the gym, sleeping, a night out, days spent at home, gardening- you get the picture. While I do enjoy my mens Hanes shirts for more casual festivities, I do look for something a little bit more structured and fashionable as a base for many other activities.

James Perse is my go-to-guy for all things T-shirt related. His shirts are lightweigh, cut beautifully, and hang effortlessly off most body types. Most times, I wear a James Perse shirt with cardigans, jeans, scarfs etc. It is the most versitile T-shirt out there. James Perse has also designed great T-shirt dresses, wraps and much more that definately make dressing a little easier.

Another favorite of mine, is the relatively-new line, T by Alexander Wang. Again, his shirts fit beautifully on all body types and are great for going out. They can turn your average jeans a little bit more dressy, and that is something I definately like. The line also includes dresses, tanks, and much more.

A few other honorabe mentions go to: LNA, Kain Label and Vince.


Light of My Life

I took this photo a couple days ago and really like the way it turned out. Lighting is very important for picking out clothes. On more than one occasion, I have seen my father dress in completely bizarre color combinations, like brown and blue, simply because the light in his closet is extremely dim.

All Wrapped Up

I love my scarves and definately use them whenever I need that "something" to spruce up an outfit. Above are a few of my favorites.


Hot. And I mean hot.

Spent the morning at Starbucks catching up with friends. It was so great to see them all after a hectic holiday season!
Starbucks really is a great "street style" accessory. After all, rarely do you see an olsen twin without one. Their expertly branded cup has shown up in quite few magazine spreads, as well. I think the chicest and most relaxing thing to do on a nice day is sit outside a small cafe (or Starbucks) with a chocolate croissant, a coffee, and a book or friend. Just thinking about it makes me feel warm inside. Although, small cafe's are almost becoming extinct in North America due to the Starbucks empire and LA's Coffee Bean. But Euope is full of them.

Olsen photo credits go to Olsens Anonymous

Oh Anja...

I adore this photo of Anja Rubik from the January issue of Harper's Bazaar. I love the haircut, but sadly, it is unobtainable for moi, due to my think cury locks...

I hope everyone had a fabulous NYE! Mine was quite low key this year. Got out a bottle of Moet with the roommate, got amazing Italian takeout, and caught up on gossip and the movies we've been planning to watch.