La-la-love it!

On my daily troll of Refinery 29, I came across their article on Pour La Victoire's new handbag line. I love it and cannot wait to buy basically every bag featured above. The image of those bags in the imaginary dream bubble over my head are what is keeping my head up while at my desk. I hate getting sick!

**Image from Refinery29.com

yeah. i got bored at my desk, but I like the result.

To say it has been a long day at the office is an understatement. My eyes are dry, my back hurts and I am just plain tired. And to top it all off, I think I'm coming down with something which would just be horrible for the long-weekend coming up. On the brightside though, the sun is shining outside and I have plans of going to Starbucks after work to go for coffee with some old friends. Now, the question is, do I get my usual mocha or do I opt for a cooler frappacino option tonight? Oh I cannot wait until the clock strikes 5 today!


Just wanted to say thank you to Michelle over at JDK Productions for the new blog layout! Looking forward to yet another specatacular bash of yours at the Gladstone Hotel in a few weekends!


Feeling Inspired

Never before have I been so inspired fashionably by a TV show. Ofcourse there will always be the cute dresses and bags you see on Gossip Girl, but this show plays on a whole other level. Throughout each episode, there are small breaks of party photography that are gorgeous and the show itself has something about it that makes you want to dress up. It is based around a guy trying to make it as a designer in New York. Bryan Greenberg plays the lead, and even for a male character, his style is so effortless and classic. It is my new addiction and I am so sad that there is only 1 or 2 more episodes left.

*image from http://datnewcudi.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Screen-shot-2010-01-12-at-10.13.19-AM-575x307.png

Lets get some shoes.

As it is now getting warmer, I am coming out of my winter shoe hibernation. That means, no more going to the bar in my Ugg boots...unfortunately. So, I spent part of the day looking online at some options. I find that when I actually go to the stores looking for shoes I never find any!!! However, here are a few I am thinking of getting.


Okay, carry on.

Earlier, when I came back from LA, I spoke of my perfect carry-on bag. Here it is! The fabric is tough and therefore resistant to airplane floor gunk and is roomy enought to fit all of my magazine, books, iPod and water.

What I Wore

An oufit for running errands and grabbing Starbucks. Light whip white chocolate mocha = yum!


Love Her Style

I absolutely love her style. She has the perfect "I felt like wearing this"kind of style going on and I am so envious of it! Her accessories are always spot on and look always so unplanned. I can only wish I was this cool in high school!

*Image is from the elle.com style blog.


he's got good taste

The other day, after coming home from shopping, I came into my room to find my cat looking through my recent purchases. He's so cute and does have good taste.


So last night while watching Gossip Girl, a show I have a love/hate relationship with, I was so grossed out by the blatant advertising of Eric Daman's book. Not only has the book been out for awhile now, but the way they angled it, it looked like the book was just standing in the middle of New York as opposed to on a bus stand. Saying all this, I received the book for Christmas, and it is pretty good. I certainly recommend it!



As we now move into Spring, I am 100% ready to throw off my Ugg boots for something a little lighter. I've opted to go with my Minnetonka mocassin loafers. I am a huge fan of Minnetonka's shoe collection, and have the pictured pair in two different colors, with multiples of each. They are comfortable and affordable and go great with any pair of bottoms, whether they be boyfriend jeans, skinnies, leggings, or shorts.

These Girls are Good

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the Miller sister's Twenty Eight Twelve brand.
*photos used are from the official twenty eight twelve lookbook*


there goes the neighborhood

Holt Renfrew Bloor St.

Help Me Holts!

I just recieved my season copy of the Holt Renfrew magazine. I wish a lot more stores did something like this. It's got great tips and some great shots of the clothes. I love how they tell you if a item is only available at a certain location too. It makes shopping for it so much easier. Now that I have had so much time at home, I have found I've been doing most shopping with the aid of either an online site or store catalogues and lookbooks.


The Big Apple

My mom and dad were headed to New York this week and so I comprised a goody-list of things I am craving from Topshop. I have yet to go to the SoHo store, but hopefully, I'll be there soon!


What I Wore

Unbelievably, the weather has warmed up to an astonishing 20 degrees!!! This photo is from the weekend, when it was still a tad chilly. The weekend was dedicated to my sister and I trying to "affordably" shop. We hit up Gap, H&M, and others like it. I came back empty handed, but my sister did walk away with a really great vest from Gap.


Love this!

I love Dree Hemingway's Valentino ads. Her hair is absolutely amazing. The above shot is framed and now hanging on a wall in my room.


My Favorite Target Collaboration

Today I received my daily e-mail update from Fashionista. In it, they talked to the owner of Decades, the infamous vintage store to discuss the worth of designer collaboration pieces. Unfortunately, she found that the pieces don't appreciate as much value as true designer pieces. I can see why this is the case because when designers create their own collections, they are making "art", but when they are designing clothes for a lower-end store, they are simply creating clothes to suit the life of the average person. Saying that, I personally love designer collaborations (when they are done well), and think it's nice to see how a designer thinks when creating "simple" clothes. My favorite collaboration of all time was Target's collab with Proenza Schouler. My dad bought me the jacket from New York, without even knowing it was my favorite piece of the collection. My excitment was amplified when I saw a picture of Kristen Dunst wearing it at some Hollywood event.

loved Stella McCartney!

Crisp, clean and 100% beautiful.


High Society or Just Low Class

*image from http://hills2city.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/tinsley.jpg*

So last night, the CW premiered it`s new show `High Society`that supposedly profiled the life of socialite Tinsley Mortimer. I think that the show is just completely sad and embarassing for Tinsley who has obviously made quite the effort to make it where she is today. The show just shows how egotistical she and her `friends` are and how lame our television standards have gotton. I do think though that even the CW didn`t give much hope for this show, because the editing looks like it was done by a complete amateur. My favorite line from the show has to be ``If you google me, this is what you will come up with; a girl on the read carpet...`` Even though the show is ``reality`` TV, it had possibly THE WORST acting I`ve ever seen. I think my mom put it best when she said, ``It just looks like a bunch of rich kids who are running out of money`` and since Tinsley is a recent divorcé, I think my mom is completely on the ball.

These are Christian Siriano`s new shoes for Payless out now. Personally, I am not a fan of them, but I`m sure they will sell out soon from the store.

*the image is from http://www.chicintuition.com/ a site I absolutely love and make sure to check everyday!

Sunglasses on the brain

The above is a photo of my favorite sunglasses! It`s so great that the sun is out and I am actually able to wear them!


Hello Sunshine!

The sun is finally shining high and bright here in Canada and it makes me so happy! I can finally stop wearing my winter jacket and into something a bit lighter! (Perhaps Gap's new motorcycle leather jacket inspired denim jacket?) Another great thing about the beautiful sun is sunglasses! Instantly, a pair of shades can add "umph" to anything!


What I Wore

This weekend, I went to stay with some friends at their university. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it did not require a jacket to go outside. It was the perfect opportunity for my to wear this sweater I received for Christmas! It was just warm enough and I was completely comfortable during my hour drive to their apartment.


Hi. I'm a Mac.

I love my Mac! A light-whip White Chocolate Mocha is great as well!

**Photo of Collage by me, images in collage from various sources**


Made for Wa.....Looking Good.

Nowadays, I find it so hard to find that perfect pair of heels that go with almost everything in your wardrobe. There are many great shoes out there, but we all have the one pair of heels we go to when we don't know what else will fit. My answer to such a dilema is these Michael Kors shoes. They are that perfect blend of trendy yet not over the top. The heel height makes any and every leg look good and the stacking gives your feet a bit more cushion for walking.

In case you care...

After being on a long hiatus, I've officially begun to post my photography on my tumblr account. Hope you all enjoy! http://amillionwordsandsome.tumblr.com

West Coast Style

LA is one of my favorite travel destinations. Being from the East Coast, it's really intersting to go there and see how they interpret the trends of the season. Even though we sometimes may not realize it, there is a difference between the way people on the East and West Coast dress. Above is a few shots of some of the outfits I wore hoping to blend in. It was pretty tricky going from a place of absolute cold to a place not hot but not cold either. I definately did not pack enough either.

What I wore: Talulah blazer, Joe Jeggings, Marc Jacobs watch, House of Harlow bracelts, Foley and Corina handbag, Michael Kors belt, Talulah knit crop sweater, J Brand jeans, Wilt Blazor, Gap Jeans, Tory Burch ballet flats, Converse sneakers, Cole Haan handbag, Haviana flip flops