My Favorite Target Collaboration

Today I received my daily e-mail update from Fashionista. In it, they talked to the owner of Decades, the infamous vintage store to discuss the worth of designer collaboration pieces. Unfortunately, she found that the pieces don't appreciate as much value as true designer pieces. I can see why this is the case because when designers create their own collections, they are making "art", but when they are designing clothes for a lower-end store, they are simply creating clothes to suit the life of the average person. Saying that, I personally love designer collaborations (when they are done well), and think it's nice to see how a designer thinks when creating "simple" clothes. My favorite collaboration of all time was Target's collab with Proenza Schouler. My dad bought me the jacket from New York, without even knowing it was my favorite piece of the collection. My excitment was amplified when I saw a picture of Kristen Dunst wearing it at some Hollywood event.

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