West Coast Style

LA is one of my favorite travel destinations. Being from the East Coast, it's really intersting to go there and see how they interpret the trends of the season. Even though we sometimes may not realize it, there is a difference between the way people on the East and West Coast dress. Above is a few shots of some of the outfits I wore hoping to blend in. It was pretty tricky going from a place of absolute cold to a place not hot but not cold either. I definately did not pack enough either.

What I wore: Talulah blazer, Joe Jeggings, Marc Jacobs watch, House of Harlow bracelts, Foley and Corina handbag, Michael Kors belt, Talulah knit crop sweater, J Brand jeans, Wilt Blazor, Gap Jeans, Tory Burch ballet flats, Converse sneakers, Cole Haan handbag, Haviana flip flops

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