High Society or Just Low Class

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So last night, the CW premiered it`s new show `High Society`that supposedly profiled the life of socialite Tinsley Mortimer. I think that the show is just completely sad and embarassing for Tinsley who has obviously made quite the effort to make it where she is today. The show just shows how egotistical she and her `friends` are and how lame our television standards have gotton. I do think though that even the CW didn`t give much hope for this show, because the editing looks like it was done by a complete amateur. My favorite line from the show has to be ``If you google me, this is what you will come up with; a girl on the read carpet...`` Even though the show is ``reality`` TV, it had possibly THE WORST acting I`ve ever seen. I think my mom put it best when she said, ``It just looks like a bunch of rich kids who are running out of money`` and since Tinsley is a recent divorcé, I think my mom is completely on the ball.

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