won't leave home without it

Dior Addict Lipgloss. Love it.


We are all very different

As the weather was absolutely lovely this weekend, I went to a small cottage party. Here are some of the girls outfits, which I think are just perfect for a spring fete.


Fashion School

My outfit for my fashion school course tonight...It's a slow day in the office...

Love Her Style

I first saw Gala Gonzales on the "icanteachyouhowtodoit" site. Her hair was done really nicely and I saved the picture hoping to copy it for a party I was attending. A little while after, I found out that she had a blog and I've been reading it ever since. Her style is very different than other bloggers around, and she looks great in every outfit. Take a look at her site here: http://am-lul.blogspot.com/

*Image from http://am-lul.blogspot.com/


My favorite things

These are my absolute favorite pieces of jewellry. They are a michael kors watch, tiffany key ring, house of harlow ring and bracelet, ring bought in a gold soukh in bahrain, and a tiffany ring. I normally don't leave the house without one of these one me. The Tiffany ring is something that my two closest friends also coincidentally have, and so we see them more like "friendship" rings.


This photo is from the Elizabeth and James twitter page. Basically, I have to say that I want their jobs and their lives! Their jewellery collection is absolutely beautiful. I need those pieces from the picture IMMEDIATELY!


Feel Inspired.

Whether it is used to inspire you for dressing, to design, or just to go about your every day, I think an Inspiration Board is a must have in every girl's room. I have completely covered the inside of my two closet doors with everything I find beautiful and alluring in magazines, lookbooks or just random places, and my computer desktop has this background. As my mood changes day to day, so do my boards. I find it so strange nowadays when I go to someone's place and they don't have one. I just would feel so lost without one. A plus side to an inspiration board is that you get to take about an hour or so every little while and just do some good old fashioned cutting and pasting!

*The Images from the image above are literally fromn ALL over the internet.*


Just Threw it On

The other day in fashion school, a girl in my class was wearing an outfit similar to this one. It was so effortless and cool and gave off the impression that she just threw these pieces together with little thought. While I would love to have that ability, I totally am not of that nature. For me, I like to plan my outfit the night before and it usually takes me a while before I decide that it is just right.


Love Her Style

Well I actually love "their" style, but who doesn't. So many blogs and tumblr's are made just for these two girls, who honestly have inspired so many outfits, collections and maybe even lives. They seem to disregard any fashion trend, but create new ones. They truly dress for themselves and not for Hollywood or any other industry, and that's something that must be respected. Not only that, but they are not only smart and fashionable, but they are also creative with two major fashion lines and a collaboration collection. What's best about their lines is that they actually wear the clothes, unlike other celebrities who wouldn't be caught dead in clothes they have so-called "designed".

**Images from fuckyeahmarykateandashley and olsen's anonymous