summer breeze makes me feel fine

I can always depend on The Gap when I am in need of a basic pair of jeans or a couple tank tops. On the off-chance though, while browsing through the store, I will come upon a piece that stays in my closet for years to come that I consider a "go-to" piece. While reading Refinery 29 yesturday afternoon, I read about this little treasure by the Gap called "The Moto Knit Blazer". I consider it a perfect summer to fall transition piece and cannot wait to hit the stores and make it mine. I'm not sure if it comes in more colors, but I kind of like the bright pop of yellow. Paired with a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats, it is the cutest topper for casual days around town. And, it comes at the very affordable price range of $69.99.

*Image from Refinery 29


i wear my sunglasses at night

Once again, the Olsen twins prove to the fashion world just how good they are. Coming this fall we can expect to see The Row x Linda Farrow sunglasses hitting the shelves of select stores. The sunglasses are most definately styles you would see on the girls themselves and different than a lot of the styles out right now. Expect me to be in the shops the moment they are put on the shelves so I can protect my eyes as fashionably as possible.
*Image from Refinery 29
"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting." - Christian Dior

Okay, so call me tacky for using a Dior quote for a Prada post, but I saw it this morning and thought it applied. I just bought this Prada perfume last week and am trying it out. I'm not sure if I'm ready to change up my signature scent just yet, but I am going to give this one a try. It smells so fresh and clean. It's a perfect spring/summer scent.


oh baby i feel so down

Friday night I came home from work, played the Strokes and chilled in my room. The whole setting, just made me want to jump up and go out to a dive bar with some friends, so this outfit was thrown on and out we went to a grimy bar. It was the perfect way to finish off a mediocre week.


excuse me, would it be possible to have your life?

So I am extremely lazy and have been holding these pictures on my hardrive for a while. They are from Vogue UKs blog by Olivia Palermo. These are "travel" pictures. I wish I was allowed to bring this many shoes when I travel! Already, I'm freaking out about a trip in mid-August because I have no way of bringing as many shoes as I needs. I think the airline industry is just being awful by cutting down baggage limits to one bag per person.
Back to Olivia though, I love these photos and hope to see more of her on Vogue UKs site. They seem to really like her!

please allow me to introduce myself

I met the man! The 2nd floor of Holt Renfrew, Bloor St. was completely taken over by Toronto's most fashionable all hoping for the chance to take a picture with the 26 year old man who keeps us drooling season after season. A whole area of the 2nd floor had been converted into a palace of Wang with racks upon racks of his newest pieces and displays of some of the most beautiful handbags, shoes and sunglasses. Alexander was extremely friendly and introduced himself to me with a "Hi, I'm Alex!". I wanted to scream back in his face "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!", but thankfully, I was able to restrain myself and simply just give him my name and tell him how beautiful his work was. We took a picture together and he gave me a note card signed with his name. Two things that will be treasured forever, alongside his Rocco, Brenda and Donna handbags.

Sterling Cooper Draper Price

It's baaaack! Brace yourselves dear readers, as the return of MadMen is fast approaching. This Sunday on AMC, the Emmy award winning show is back to keep as all in shock and awe of the attitudes and styles of the times. The fashion in the show is going to be amazing, as it always is, possibly even inspiring a few more designer collections and everyday looks of people on the street. I am so looking forward to this Season 4 and have cleared my schedule so I can coiff my hair, pour myself a glass of whisky, sit back, and enjoy the show.


To say this man is brilliant, would be an understatement. His clothes are beautifully made and on top of all trends. He had as all braiding our hair at the start of the summer and look to dressing in sportwear and jersey. Today, the CFDA award winning designer will be stopping in at Holt Renfrew, Bloor st. in Toronto. The event is taking place in 1 hr,and I just cannot contain myself and my excitement. I'm a huge fan and really hoping to meet him. I will post more on how the event went!


drama doesn't follow me, it rides on my back

So are backpacks cool again? I remember when they were very in fashion in the 90s and I remember when they fell out of fashion in the early 00s. I also remember thinking they were one thing that would never come back in style so it was okay for me to give away all of mine to Goodwill. Unfortunately for me, they came back. With designers like Alexander Wang making newer versions of the backpack, I've been seeing them on so many fashion forward people. I think it is safe to say that they are back, but I'm not sure if I will be running out to buy them all over again. For the sake of my wallet, I think I will sit this trend out.
*Image from the Cobrasnake


fading like a flower

After spending my summer days enjoying the beautiful sunshine, my blue streaks in my hair are slowly fading. It's so sad to see them go, but as they say, "all good things must come to an end'. I am already thinking of colors to put in next.

C'est Fini?

Word on the street is that Erin Wasson x RVCA will be no longer. However, those who are devoted fans of Ms.Wasson's design sense, can still purchase jewellry from her Low Luv line, available at ShopBop and a few other locations. I really loved the clothes she designed and hope it won't be long before she designs another line either on her own or another collaboration.

on the cover of a magazine

There is something so depressing about reading pieces about your "new fall coat", when it is still flip flop and tank top weather. I love magazines and read them religiously, but I must say, it truly is a bummer to start looking at heavy winter pieces when summer is just getting started. But, I guess this helps us be one step ahead of the the game and those who choose not to read fashion magazines the day they come out on stands.


right round

I feel like it is now safe to say that bar rings and nail rings are in style. I love the trend and think bar rings are a great alternative to having to nonchalantly mixing a bunch of different yet matching rings on one hand. I first started liking the trend when one Ms.Lauren Conrad, started wearing the rings and love it even more as I see it get bigger and bigger. Urban outfitters has teamed up with Jules Kim of Bijules to create a line of rings called BT by Jules Kim. There aren't that many pieces on the site, but they range from $18-$162. I like that they give you the option of going high or low.
*Image from Refinery 29

young hearts, to yourself be true.

Last night, I went to go see one of my oldest and closest friends perform Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, in the park. The show was spectacular. The evening weather was perfect and watching Shakespeare as the sun set was a beautiful experience. Afterwards, I went off to a nearby pub to grab a beer and catch up on the "good ole days". After getting home in the early hours of today, I decided to spend the day at home, curled up on my bed in my FreeCity's with the 5ths book of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Seriously addicted.
PS. The above is a polyvore creation of my outfit for the night. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed, so I wasn't able to get a proper picture.


temporary, that's the way it has to be.

Ever since Chanel started the craze awhile back, I've been seeing temporary tattoos popping up all over the place. While I do feel as though I'm back in elementary school when applying them, I think they are kind of wonderful. I'm not a person who can ever make up her mind, and like a constant change, so the temps allow me to change up my tattoos whenever I feel like it. They are a novelty, and I love it. Now, I just am waiting for the trend to go as far as it once was, where Spice Girls tattoos were the thing to wear.
*The tattoos pictured are from the H&M Fashion Against Aids Collection


As I Said Before

Here are some shoes that I would like to have in my possession. I believe I am having an affliction for them thanks to Ms.Kate Bosworth, of the post below. They seem rugged, yet clean enough to wear them with sundresses and pretty girly outfits.
*For the curious: The boots are by Madewell

Love Her Style - Kate Bosworth Edition

She is definately one of my favorite celebrity style icons. She seems so down to earth, and it can be seen through the way she dresses. Whether she be attending a music festival, gala, or just out for lunch, her attire is always spot on and never over the top. While she may wear high-end labels, she styles each piece in a way that can be recreated by someone on a modest budget. She always looks like each look was not overly thought about and she always looks comfortable. She may or may not have inspired a recent shoe purchase of mine....
**Images from a favorite tumblr of mine: http://fuckyeahkatebosworth.tumblr.com/


living in a material world

As this weekend was a bit of a boring one, my sister and I headed out to our all-time favorite store, Holt Renfrew. While shopping, I couldn't help but staring at the mannequin displays. They were probably dressed way better than me! I love the outfits that were on them, and definately think they perfectly appeal to the typical Holt Renfrew contemporary girl.

don't stop, the feeling is growing.

My July Moodboard. We may be almost two weeks into the month already, but here are some looks and images that inspire my dressing for this month.


Your summer styled by ShopBop

I saw the first image when I first got onto the sight. I love the pieces and think they are great for summer. I want all of it! The second image is what I see as the perfect cover up. It`s fun and fresh and looks has the hippie bohemian vibe I enjoy. It would be perfect to wear over a swimsuit for a summer pool party or bbq. Even without the swimsuit, it`s cute to wear to a music festival. I`m planning my wardrobe for a trip to Europe coming up in August (yes, I plan way ahead!), and now have these pieces all floating around in my mind!
**If you haven`t guessed already, the images above are from shopbop.com


Love Her Style

Okay, I know she's the "bitch" on the City, but I just love her. While she sometimes can act a tad spoiled, I do agree with her most of the time and would kill for her wardrobe. She's so classic, but keeps up with the current trends. Her handbags are always beautiful as are her shoes. One aspect of her dressing that I like, is how she mixes high end desinger with brands like Zara. Also, her makeup is always spot on and so clean and classic looking.

the sun has got his hat on

I can't say why exactly, but there has been something in me lately that has been severely wanting a fedora. I finally found one that I liked at Holt Refrew and bought it last Friday. I wore it to my cottage on the weekend (a very old shorts and vacation tees kind of place) and received many comments. Mostly comments asking me who I thought I was and why I was so dressed up for the cottage. I don't care though, because I love it. Buying it totally made my Friday.


my obsessions are you're possessions

These ethnic patterned shorts are my new summer obsession. I'm so over my denim shorts in an array of cuts and colors and am looking for something more. I've been noticing these on models here and there, but finally pinned a couple pairs down on Singer 22. I think they are perfect for a summer holiday to be paired with a solid colored t or tank and dressed up or down. Also, most of them are made with silk, lighter fabrics, so they will pack so easily.
**Image from singer22

we stand on guard for thee

Yesturday was Canada Day for us in the North. It was a perfect day to just kick back and relax and do absolutely nothing at all. I spent it a home with my family just goofing around and doing nothing in particular. One notable event thought was shopping in my mother's closet. I ended up walking out with a pair of reflecting sunglasses and two amazingly cozy sweaters. The best part was that I didn't have to spend a dime.
In the evening, my sister and I went for dinner at a local steak house and discussed and decided upon weekend plans. Basically, just a more detailed planning of a weekend up at the cottage. The night was a bit cool, so I paired one of my favorite T By Alexander Wang tanks with my favorite pair of Ralph Lauren boots.