Make Me Look Good

The other day, I emptied out my make-up bag to see the majority of its contents was Bobbi Brown. I first fell for the brand when I was still in my early teenage years and my sister had splurged for some bronzer. I secretly used it behind her back and loved the way it looked and felt. It wasn't too cakey like other brands and suited my skin tone just perfectly. By the end of my high school years, I went all out on my love and had my make-up done by a Bobbi Brown make-up artist for my senior prom. The look they did on my was perfect and I felt on top of the world. As I've grown older, while I have branched off to brands like Chanel and Nars, I realize that I have stayed loyal to Bobbi for supplying my basics and use it almost every day.


Summer's Sun

As the weather is (supposedly) warming up, I've been on the prowl for a new swimsuit. I plan on spending every and all weekends this summer either at the cottage or by a beach somewhere, so a swimsuit is essential. Last year, I wore a black one piece from American Apparel, but even I will admit that I look more like a pussycat doll rather than a 20something spending a weekend around family. So, this year, I am hoping to find something a little more "conservative". I've narrowed my choices down to two.

*First photo from Roxy.com - Cynthia Vincent for Roxy
*Second photo from 80spurple


i get bored easily

Last week, during a couple days off, I decided to make a t-shirt. Well one t-shirt lead me to buying a pack of fruit of the loom mens undershirts and "customising" multiple t-shirts. The one pictured here was a slogan I saw on another tshirt awhile ago, but haven't been able to find. I wore it to an aunts house and was happy when people asked me where it was from. I just don't know whether they meant it because it was nice or because it looked like it may have come from a garbage...



I love love love love love Holt Renfrew. I will be honest in saying, then when in Toronto, almost 75% of my paycheck goes to them. they have everything and everything I ever need, and the staff is so helpful and friendly. One of the perks to shopping there, is the complimentary shoppers, who will help you find an outfit for whatever price point.


They Finally Came!!!

After waiting for...well not a very long time...I received my new purchases from the Outnet. The first was a handbag from Antik Batik. It is absolutely gorgeous and so funky. It would be perrrfect for Coachella,but I'm missed that! So I am saving it for my summer travels in Europe and any music festivals my best friend and I may come upon. The second item was a pair of Elizabeth and James skinny pants. I am actually wearing them to work right now and they are byfar the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. They are quite similar to a pair of Citizens of Humanity's I bought a few years ago, but those fell apart a month after buying them, so I hope I won't have a repeat of that with these pants! Anyways, very excited about these new item and am loving the Outnet right now. They're business strategy with their 1$ sale totally worked on me!


Love Her Style

I love the effortless-ness of her style. She really does seem like the kind of girl who doesn't think about what she is wearing until it is on. Her site is also one of my daily blog reads!
*Image from her blog itself: http://jessicahart.net/blog/ *

the french say it better

For so long, I have been searching for Jalouse in Canada. I started reading it once on a trip to England, and have been purchasing it in any country that sells it. I spend my time at book stores in the foreign magazine sections, hoping, just hoping, to get my hands on a copy. Finally, I randomly stumbled upon a copy at a small convenience store. While talking to the cashier, she informed me that they carry it always. So I bought my copy and had a smile on my face all afternoon. The magazine has been great and I have been devouring every article.


the right color

As it is spring now, I am very much into looking at some brighter colors. I bought this nail polish a couple weekends ago and have worn it so many times since. I just love how its different than what most girls are wearing these days. I like to wear this color with a more muted outfit, so that the color standouts. If you can't tell, I bought it at American Apparel and it's called "office". On a side note, I am quite impressed with the AA nail polishes. I truly thought they would just be cheap and chip off easily, but I have gone without top coat on this and it has proven to be quite strong.

if the shoe fits

These shoes would make me quite quite happy. For summer days ahead, I think these shoes are a perfect change from my usual flip flops, birkenstocks and gladiator sandals. I think I want one in every color of the Elizabeth and James ones!


One In Every Color

Actually, one in every color! The other day, I was at the mall looking for a spring-y color. I tried on a new color for each nail and only after 5 fingers had an array of colors applied, did I realize that there was no nail polish remover in the store. I went back to my office with my ONE hand looking like this and received odd glances from my co-workers when they saw it.



So, as many of you most likely already know, the Outnet is having its birthday sale tomorrow. I've been saving my money for this one event, but as I notice the event get more and more noticed, I'm not too hopeful for getting a lot. So, in the event that I actually do have money left over, here is a wishlist I have comprised of things I would like from American Apparel.


Chanel Tattoos

walk my way

I have been coveting Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci leather wrapped open toe booties since I first saw them on the runway. Unfortunately, my budget does not allow for the purchase of the $1,000+ shoes, so I had to find a similar shoe elsewhere to sate my desire. I then stumbled upon the above shoes at Aldos. No they are not quite the same as the Givenchy's, but I do like the look and it is similar enough for me. I bought the shoes for a little over $90 and wore them out the night of purchase. The leather wrap helps to hold your foot in and they were comfortable enough to wear the entire night and quite easy to walk in despite their height. Not only that, but I received quite a few comments, and most commenters were suprised to hear that the shoes were from Aldo - they were expecting something way more expensive.


Love Her Style

Not only is she a model, but also her grandfather was Ernest Hemingway, she is the face of Valentino, and she has a wardrobe most of us girlies would envy. I definately have a bit of a style crush on her, but I think if you look online at some of her street style pics, you will definately see what I mean.

**Images from Stardust and Sequins and Google Images**

Sunday morning I went to brunch with some of the girls I was out with the night before. We went to an area in Toronto that is basically the equivalent of New York's Lower East Side. It is very young, trendy and artistic. The crowd mostly is comprised of 20 something trustfunders or young hipster couples with adorable babies. It is, in my opinion, one of the most fashionable and inspiring areas of the city. One girl in particular had such effortless style that I would die for. She had on a vintage blazer, a nothing-special tank top and loose pair of cashmere juicy's with the most beautiful sandals ever. I loved her look. I tried to recreate it in Polyvore, but I must admit that her whole character was what made this outfit so eye-catching.

On a sidenote, more often than not, I am inspired to create outfits after seeing similar ones on strangers in the street or by store front layouts and visual displays. Saying that, I do always carry with me a notepad to either draw or write down the outfits I think about so I can wear them when I can't think of anything else to wear.


Queen West

Saturday night was finally the party I had been planning an outfit for all last week. It was an absolutely insane night to say the least. The party was produced by JDK productions, who did such a great job. Hosted by Michelle L, the party was attended by a random assortment of ladies from downtown scenesters to visitors from Ottawa. I didn't get any photos of my outfit for the night (as I was the one taking photographs), but I basically wore my black joes jean leggings, a black kain top, aldo wedges, a michael kors cross-body bag, my usual assortment of rings and my chanel tattoos.

The Perfect Day

Since getting Derek Blasberg's book on the 5th, I've been savoring every word. The book honestly feels like I am hearing advice from a GBF (read the book and you'll learn that means Gay Best Friend). This afternoon was the best though because I found the perfect sun spot in my living room, had a refreshing Starbucks frapp and my cat to cuddle with while reading the book. I hope you all get a chance to pick up a copy and enjoy it like me!


Follow my blog with bloglovin

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you'd let your little sister wear that?

Two looks taken from Lindsay Lohan's clothing lookbook. I understood why she started doing the leggings thing, because for a while, they really were all she wore, but I cannot understand why she jumped so quickly to create everything else! I love her style, but I don't think I'll be buying into this line. I think she should follow in Kate Moss' footsteps and admit she is no designer; she is just a girl who likes clothes.

**Images are from InStyle.com


Life Unexpected

As May approaches, TV networks are getting ready to make cuts and remove shows they don't think will bring in enough money. Luckily, watchers do have a say thanks to Eonline.com who has an annual "Save One Show" vote, where one show voted for the most is guaranteed to stay on for another season. Voting has already begun, and has been narrowed down to five shows. Unfortunately, already one of my top two choices is already out of the running, but there is still hope for my other favorite: Life Unexpected. The show is great and really brings back the good old family drama reminiscent of Dawson's Creek and the like. While I did watch Melrose Place for the Ella's fashion, this show is not filled with designer duds, but rather just warm family moments. I may be making this sound sappy, but it is really a great show and I'm happy we finally something like this back on the air. Anyways, the whole point of this is to ask everyone to please vote here: http://uk.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b174957_save_one_show_vote_now_final_five.html to save Life Unexpected!

*Image from static.tv.fanatic.com

prada marfa

While down down the other night, I stopped by the Prada store and just loved their window displays. They are just so simple and exactly like their editorial campaigns.I like that Prada is sticking to one design them for all of their advertising and just being repititous. The more you see them, you the more you start to consider doing a severe low comb-over with pigtails and wearing their beautifully designed skirts and dress with red lips. The women working the store definately thought I was taking the picture to make fakes out of the items in the window and were a tad suspicious of me, but I just had to snap the shot with my Blackberry.



Outfits my sister and I wore during an Easter visit to the cottage. Both of us had different pieces of denim on, but we have different styles, so we wore the look in two different ways.

**Just found out that the jeans pictured in the right image are Current Elliots


These Elizabeth and James shoes are very necessary for my shoe collections. Not only would they look great with so many different outfits, but they are also a work of art.


thank you zac!

Some of my favorite lookds from the Zac Posen for Target line. I am looking forward to its arrival on April 25th, as well as Cynthia Vincent's shoe collection at Target on April 18th.

What I Wore

This weekend was an absolutely gorgeous Easter weekend. Before heading off to my cottage in Georgian Bay on Saturday, I spent Friday at home with my family. The weather still wasn't a hundred percent warm when I went over, so I chose to cover-up a bit more, but decided to not add a jacket.


How Do I Make It?

As I just recently wrote about this show, I loved that NY Mag did a piece on it...The New York Magazine blogs are byfar my FAVORITE blogs because I feel like they are able to read my mind. Anyways, check out the piece here: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/04/lessons_on_how_to_make_it_in_a.html?mid=agenda--20100402


Happy Long Weekend!

Hope your weekend is as beautiful as mine!