Sunday morning I went to brunch with some of the girls I was out with the night before. We went to an area in Toronto that is basically the equivalent of New York's Lower East Side. It is very young, trendy and artistic. The crowd mostly is comprised of 20 something trustfunders or young hipster couples with adorable babies. It is, in my opinion, one of the most fashionable and inspiring areas of the city. One girl in particular had such effortless style that I would die for. She had on a vintage blazer, a nothing-special tank top and loose pair of cashmere juicy's with the most beautiful sandals ever. I loved her look. I tried to recreate it in Polyvore, but I must admit that her whole character was what made this outfit so eye-catching.

On a sidenote, more often than not, I am inspired to create outfits after seeing similar ones on strangers in the street or by store front layouts and visual displays. Saying that, I do always carry with me a notepad to either draw or write down the outfits I think about so I can wear them when I can't think of anything else to wear.

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