Hermes - I Love My Scarf

The things one can do with a silk scarf. You can hide a bad hair day, disguise yourself when you don't feel like being seen, or give your handbag a different look. They are a celeb go to and a must-have for any girls closet. Hermes while being iconic for their Birkin bag, are also makers of some of the finest scarves to be found. While an Hermes scarf is not really in many of our price ranges, the brand did do something that we can all enjoy. They created the wonderful website "I love my scarf." Based in four different countries, the site shows different ways different people use their scarves and a small how-to for most of the styles. Check it out for yourself and wait for your next bad hair day to try some of the styles out.


  1. Thanks for the tip on the site...even if seeing all those photos makes me a little bummed that I don't have an Hermes scarf in my wardrobe!

  2. the sites really good, i always tie a vintage scarf on to my bags! never really thought of wearing one on a bad hair day before! x



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