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September issues are the issues to trump all other issues. Magazines fill them with all the best and pages upon pages of ads are added to make the issues some of the thickest issues of the year. The Olsen twins both landed covers this September. Mary-Kate is the cover of Marie Claire, which has four different versions of the cover; while Ashley landed the largest Canadian fashion magazine, Fashion. Both girls looks stunning and are there to promote their bigger fashion lines The Row and Elizabeth and James. Ashely's Fashion article even has a contest within it to win a $5000 wardrobe by E&J from Holt Renfrew. I bought both issues and devoured the girls articles in minutes. They both have such distinct styles and the fact that they both were interviewed separately for each magazine, shows how different the two really are.
Two of my favorite Olsen Twin style sites are: Olsens Anon., MKO.
*Images from Marie Claire google images and Fashion google images

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