Love Her Style

I've been following Rumi's blog for quite some time now. While her style can sometimes be a bit too ball-sy for me, I do think that she creates great silhouettes and has amazing pieces. I would love to raid  her closet one day. Her style is very urban hipster, west coastish and hippie. I love it. Plus, her shoes are always killer. If I could trade shoe closets with someone for one day, it would definately be hears...although I would definately keep a few the next day.

Also, thumbs up to her boyfriend/photographer Colin. He takes great shots and I think it takes a lot for a boyfriend to follow around his girl with a camera snapping photos around town.

Love the site. Love the style. Love. It.
Her site: fashiontoast.blogspot.com

ps. I may or may not have been watching my DVDs of the Simple Life lately after work.

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