i'll be left alone forever with my magazines

Monday was most probably the slowest day of my week. Time seemed to go by so slowly and each time I looked at the clock, I learned only a minute or two had passed. Thankfully yesturday, Tuesday, I had more exciting plans. I was meeting up with some good friends who I had grown up with at Toronto's large theme park, Wonderland. Even though we all are in our 20s, working and technically adults, we spent the day in this odd time warp where we were still 15 and no time had passed. We rode the carousel, took goofy pictures of our shoes and laughed the entire day. It was so much fun to spend a day with no responsiblities, work, problems with the opposite sex, etc. Loved. It.

*Only flaw: I wore an Alexander Wang T-shirt and had it soaked through by the evening. I went for dinner with everyone wearing huge, majorly stained Juicy tracks I keep in my car only for emergencies and a baggy mens t-shirt. I looked ready for bed...

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