a gloomy end to a gloomy week

I bought so many new things from H&M the other night and basically spent my entire paycheck. I've been itching to wear my new purchases, but it has been raining everyday this week and I am afraid to ruin it. Lame, I know. The weather is just so gloomy and gray that they only thing I really want to wear is a pair of free city track, an old sweater (preferrably an old school sweater or something borrowed from the boys) and my mocassins. That kind of sounds ideal right now.

ps. I am fully aware that the picture has absolutely no relevance to the text. I just like the ring a lot. I bought it in Costa Rica and it has barely left my hand since.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog! Keep writing. (And I also love the ring.) Are the leopard shoes in the banner yours?? They're amazing


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