Goodbye 2009...

1. Dress fashionably EVERYDAY! (in otherwords, banish evil thoughts that its sometimes more fun to loll around the house in your dad's tracks and the souvenir t-shirt you got from the Bahamas...no matter how comfy)
2. Forget about what other people thing (too often have a put down the trendy boots and switched to Chuck Taylors simply because I feel people may think I'm "trying")
3 Use my Wii Fit Biggest Loser Game EVERYDAY (or more reasonably, at least 3 times a week...we can't be unreal in these expectations, now can we?)

I wonder how long I will actually keep these....Probably until I get sick one day and my dad's tracks are looking a lot more comfortable than my new Joe's Denim Leggings.

Photo source unknown

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